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Praised by PC Magazine, PC World, NY Times, Scientific American
Used by CBS News, Wall St. Journal, The Australian, 6 continents

Easy, funny, candid, magical, bulls-eye!

Kids love it — and teachers recommend it — because it’s so easy
Hard-working adults use it to cut through bull, become expert fast
Computer-firm presidents devour it because it reveals inside secrets

Thorough, practical, to-the-point, covers all!

Analyzes computers from IBM, Apple, clone makers, discounters
Tutors you in Windows 3.1 & 95, DOS, Mac, word processing, more
Covers all apps, from "Accounting" to "Zany sex", plus Internet
Trains you to program in Basic, C, Pascal, Dbase, 20 other languages
Reveals secret tricks, keystrokes, mouse-strokes, ass-savers, wisdom

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24th edition for 1998, © Russ Walter. To order, use coupon on page 639.


The only book that covers ALL:


Buyer’s guide 10

Chips 22

Disks 32

Screens 41

Printers 44

Other hardware 53

Software 59

IBM-compatibles 66

Apple 82

Alternative computers 88

Operating systems 93

Windows 95 95

Windows 3.1 & 3.11 108

MS-DOS 114

Mac system 150

Word processing 160

Microsoft Word 162

Ami Pro 173

Q&A Write 178

Word Perfect 183

Communication 204

Internet 208

Fax 221

Local-area networks 222

Spreadsheets 228

Excel 230

1-2-3 & Quattro 243

Databases 256

Q&A File 258

Advanced databases 269

Tricky applications 270

Graphics 271

Desktop publishing 286

Multimedia 288

Accounting 290

Personal programs 293

Games 312

Artificial intelligence 320

Programming 329




"C" 476

LOGO 486



Strange tongues 534

Assembler 564

Endnotes 580

Repairs 581

Our past 598

Your future 605

Numerical analysis 620

Index 624

Coupons 638

Find any fact FAST: see page 3 & 630-637

Rated "THE BEST" by magazines!

PC World: "Russ Walter is the user’s champion. Nobody does a more thorough job of teaching PC technology."

PC Magazine: "No other computer book is a better value."

Computer Currents: "He’s a folk hero. His Guide should be next to every PC in the country."

Byte: "The Guide is amazing. If you need to understand computers and haven’t had much luck at it, get the Guide."

Compute: "Russ Walter is an industry leader."

Personal Computing: "Russ Walter’s approach to text-writing sets a new style other authors might do well to follow."

Popular Computing: "Russ Walter is king of the East Coast computer cognoscenti."

Scientific American: "No room holding a small computer and adult studying it is well-equipped without the Guide."

Changing Times: "The Guide covers everything you ever wanted to know."

Rated "THE BEST" by librarians!

School Library Journal: "The Guide is a gold mine of information. Buy it; you’ll like it."

Wilson Library Bulletin: "It cuts through techno-haze, packs more simple, fresh explication per page than any other book."

Rated "THE BEST" by computer clubs!

Boston Computer Society: "He’s years ahead of the pack claiming to have ways of instructing computer novices."

Connecticut Computer Society: "Russ Walter’s books have been used by insiders for years. He’s special."

New England Computer Society: "He’s considered one of the few true computer gurus. It’s the world’s best tutorial."

New York’s NYPC: "The Guide’s the perfect text for beginners. It’s even better for the experienced computer user."

Sacramento California PC Users Group: "The Guide is the best collection of computer help ever written."

Rated "THE BEST" around the world!

Australia’s "Sydney Morning Herald": "The Guide’s the best intro to computers published anywhere in the world."

England’s "Manchester Guardian": "Russ Walter is a welcome relief. His Guide’s an extraordinary source of info."

Silicon Valley’s "Times Tribune": "This book makes learning not only fun, but hilarious, inspiring, addicting."

Dallas Times Herald: "Easily the best beginners’ book seen, it’s not just for beginners. It makes everything simple."

Detroit News: "Russ Walter’s a legendary teacher. His fiercely honest Guide is the only book that includes everything."

Chicago Tribune: "The Guide is the best computer book. It’s a cornucopia of computer delights."

Kentucky’s "Louisville Courier": "It gives his no-bull insights. Its biggest appeal is its humor, wit, and personality."

Philadelphia Inquirer: "Russ Walter is a high-tech hero. His wacky, massive Guide is filled with his folksy wit."

NY Times: "The computer-obsessed will revel in his Guide. He covers about every subject in the microcomputer universe."

Wall Street Journal: "Russ Walter is a computer expert. His students are grateful. He’s influential."

Connecticut’s "Hartford Courant": "If you plan to buy a personal computer, the best gift to give yourself is the Guide."

Boston Globe: "Russ Walter is a unique resource, important to beginning and advanced users. His Guide is down-to-earth."

Boston Phoenix: "Russ Walter has achieved international cult status. He knows his stuff, and his Guide’s a great deal."

For more praise from reviewers, see pages 4 and 5.

To peek at our mounds of fan mail, see pages 6 and 7.

This 24th edition’s just $15! Here’s that in computerese:

This is the best computer book

The Secret Guide to Computers, 24th edition for 1998